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Underwater Connection is proud to be the Home of the Columbus Sea Nags, one of the oldest scuba diving clubs in existence. They are out diving just about every weekend year round in and around the state along with multiple trips to other countries. The club is made up of beginner divers to divers who make a living at it and everyone in between. The Columbus Sea Nags meet the first Thursday of every month at Underwater Connection. Keep an eye out for updates as we do occasionally meet at local restaurants in the Columbus and Grove City area. Join anytime to socialize about diving, upcoming trips, and what the club has planned to help local dive sites. Not to mention making new friends in the dive community! ASK US TO BE PUT ON THE MAILING LIST TO STAY UP TO DATE Club Events: May 23: First Club Dive of the Season @ Lakeview- 11am June 12: Dive, Dinner, and a Movie @ Circleville- 6pm July 9,10,11: weekend campout @ White Star Quarry August 15: Corn Roast @ Circleville- 10am August 27, 28, 29: weekend get-a-way diving @ Penny Royal and hanging out Downtown Nashville September 24, 25, 26: weekend campout @ White Star Quarry October 9- Underwater Pumpkin Carving @ Circleville- 5pm December 4- Christmas Party- 6pm

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