Exploring Above and Below the Surface- Tobermory, Canada

    When the general public thinks about Scuba Diving, warm tropical water is what typically comes to mind. Who doesn’t love feeling the sand between your toes, the smell of salt water in the air, and little umbrellas in their favorite drink. We sure do! But we’ve also come to love what’s in our own back yard. Some consider living in the MidWest as being land locked. We see it as having the opportunity to explore the “Third Coast”, AKA The Great Lakes. Thousands of ship wrecks filled with history are scattered all around the lakes ranging a few meters deep to hundreds of meters deep. Many still waiting to be discovered as they lie sunken on the bottom near perfectly preserved.

    Our Dive Shop is pretty known for taking quick day trips or weekend trip charters all over The Great Lakes. This time we wanted to extend it into a “not so typical, not so tropical” diving vacation to TOBERYMORY, CANANDA !! Let me tell you, it was definitely one for the books!

    Not only was the destination amazing, the journey to get there held several great surprises along the way. We entered into Canada through Port Huron and wandered up the Northern Bruce Peninsula. So many hidden roads leading to view the coastline, where the water was so crystal clear with blue hues you would have thought we were in the Caribbean. Every town had its own culture to get lost in. We ended up in a Scottish themed town to sleep for the night. First enjoying dinner that served the best poutine I’ve ever had all while enjoying a Scottish Pipe band parade walking down the main road. Next mornings adventure led us to the outstanding view of Lions Head lookout point hundreds of feet above the water surrounded by cliffs that reminded me of those famous in Ireland. Breath taking.

    Finally reaching the tip of the Bruce in the quiet small town of Tobermory, we met up with the rest of the divers going us. There are options of hotels to stay in surrounding the harbor, but we chose to stay in a 9 bedroom lodge that sat right on the Georgian Bay giving us walk in diving access. Trails End Lodge is known for hosting groups of scuba divers as the owner, Art Amos, is very well known around town for all he’s done for the diving community.

    Now. Lets talk about diving in the beautiful LAKE HURON! Yes, the water is a bit chilly. Most were wearing dry suits, but some were also plenty comfortable in a 5-7mil wetsuit. On this trip, we had both Scuba Divers and Freedivers. Divers Den is the only Scuba Diving shop in Tobermory, they provided excellent service.

    We did enjoy the walk in harbor access that offers a few small and shallow wrecks, but we mainly took a charter out to dive deeper bigger wrecks. The captain shared the history of each wreck before we jumped in. It can certainly lead you to having this eerie feeling thinking back to the day the ship sank as you are viewing it with your own eyes right in front of you. Unlike saltwater, cold fresh water helps keep the wreck from deteriorating. One of our favorites to explore was the Niagara II. We spent our last dive not on a wreck but playing around swim throughs known as The Grotto. Available to the public by road access, many tourist visit here to see the caves on land, but unless you get to see what is underneath the surface you are truly missing out! Can’t wait to continue the journey throughout the Great Lakes, I promise you……